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2-TIMES is a tech-driven retailer focused on crafting smarter shopping experiences. Our split concept comprises both eCommerce and branded content platforms that work in unison to select & connect our handpicked community of private clients, luxury brands and contemporary art partners. 

Our global multi-brand eCommerce platform utilises advanced analytics, data mining, and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to segment customer profiles, after which unique algorithms are developed to deliver personalised “filterless” digital navigation – accompanied by one-to-one language specialists servicing clients chat, text, and social media. 

Our content platform centers on commissioned collaborations and brand partnerships, covering chosen features of contemporary artists & exhibitions, musicians & producers, and designer fashion, beauty, accessories, consumer electronics, home decor, and furniture. 

Co-Founded by twin brothers Alex and Luke Anton, the 2-TIMES Group  presently operates across Asia Pacific headquarters spanning Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore.