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Chen Zhou @ White Cube


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August 6, 2018

2-TIMES · Art
Chen Zhou,
‘Blue Hole’
@ White Cube

Beneath our modern
we are all simply 
restless, isolated souls...” 

Chen Zhou:
(b.1987, China) lives
and works in Shanghai. 

Blue Hole: 
Is a new installation
projected by Zhou 
in four-channel HD,
describing a world
where we are all
connected &
disconnected at
the same time—
exposing how small
the space between
the real and the
virtual world remains
the only place where
alienation can be
kept at bay. 

... an earlier time when, 
although their paths had 
crossed, they had been 
unable to recognise 
each other's faces.” 

Also on show: 
Remembering Tomorrow: 
Artworks and Archives— 
The first group show at 
White Cube's Hong Kong 
space, celebrating 25 
years with 36 artworks, 
contextualised by a 
selection of previously 
unseen material from 
the gallery’s extensive 

On view at: 
White Cube, Hong Kong 

50 Connaught Rd Central,
Central, Hong Kong. 

August 25, 2018.