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Julie Becker @ ICA, London


Courtesy of
The Artist

The Museum of
Contemporary Art,
Los Angeles

Greene Naftali,
New York
Institute of
Arts (ICA)

Installation views +
Opening day image,
Mark Blower


July 10, 2018

2-TIMES · Art
Julie Becker,
I must create a
Master Piece to
pay the Rent
’ @ 
Institute of 
Arts (ICA)

A (sub)urban 
imaginary, in which 
filmic fantasy and 
the desire for self-
realisation are 
deeply entangled 
with social and 
economic fragility.” 

I Must Create a 
Master Piece to 
Pay the Rent: 
Is the first survey
exhibition devoted
to the work of the
late Los-Angeles-
born, Echo Park-
based Julie Becker 
(1972–2016) – and
presents a body of
installations, sculpture,
drawings, photographs
and video that speak
to the language and
mythology of the
late 20th century
American Dream
turned nightmare...  

I try to mimic the 
process of how we 
think and integrate 
ourselves into the 
world so that we can 
see without dividers
Characters abstracted 
from real life and 
locations taken out 
of books and movies 
all interact within 
these walls, and invite 
the viewer to travel 
with them
I hope my work 
will move people – 
from one place 
to another!” 

On view at: 
Institute of 
Contemporary Arts 

The Mall, St. James's,
London SW1Y 5AH,
United Kingdom. 

August 12, 2018.