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‘Dreamers Awake’ @ White Cube


© The Artists

All works
Courtesy of
White Cube


September 6, 2017

2-TIMES · Art
Dreamers Awake’, 
@ White Cube 

Woman has a
powerful presence
in Surrealism. She
is the object of
masculine desire
and fantasy; a
harpy, goddess
or sphinx; a
mystery or

Curated by: 
Susanna Greeves. 

‘Dreamers Awake’: 
Explores the enduring
influence of Surrealism
through the work
of more than fifty
women artists
The exhibition
brings together
sculpture, painting,
collage, photography
and drawing from
the 1930s to the
present day, and
includes work by
well-known Surrealist
figures as well as
contemporary and
emerging artists. 

Some artists
·  Eileen Agar 
·  Leonora Carrington 
·  Lee Miller 
·  Dorothea Tanning 
·  Leonor Fini 
·  Francesca Woodman 
·  Hannah Wilke 
·  Louise Bourgeois 
·  Rosemarie Trockel 
·  Kiki Smith 
·  Paloma Varga Weisz 
·  Mona Hatoum 
·  Tracey Emin 
·  Sarah Lucas 
·  Hayv Kahraman 
·  Tomoko Kashiki 
·  Sascha Braunig 
·  Jordan Kasey 
·  Loie Hollowell 
·  Kelly Akashi 
·  Caitlin Keogh 
·  Carina Brandes

· Kelly Akashi,
Well(-)Hung’, 2017
· Carina Brandes,
Untitled (CB 096)’, 2012 

On view at: 
White Cube.

144-152 Bermondsey St,
London SE1 3TQ, UK. 

September 17, 2017.

En ton absence, 
vois-tu, les choses 
devenaient encore 
plus claires qu’elles 
nel’étaient sous le 
feu de ton regard gai”  
– Alain Jouffroy 
Curated by: 
Magalí Arriola. 
Sunset Décor: 
Recalls this late 
work of Marcel 
Broodthaers and 
its wide range of 
cultural and political 
references to the 
social context of 
its time, including 
the declining genre 
of Western movies 
of the late 1960’s 
and the uncertain 
ending of the 
Vietnam War. 
“At a time when 
populations, cultures 
and the environment 
are fighting to resist 
conservative thinking 
and political assault, 
Sunset Décor puts 
into perspective the 
now as then, of 
nature, the individual 
and the land for the 
production of a 
symbolic order in 
the name of 
freedom, civilization 
and democracy.” 
Artists presented: 
·  Leonor Antunes 
·  Fiona Banner 
·  Lothar Baumgarten 
·  Marcel Broodthaers 
·  Marco Esparza 
·  Cerith Wyn Evans 
·  Gertrude Käsebier 
·  Joachim Koester 
·  Eadweard Muybridge 
·  Timothy H. O’Sullivan 
·  Trevor Paglen 
·  Jean-Marie Perdrix 
·  Hiroshi Sugimoto 
·  Danh Vo 
·  Carleton E. Watkins 
·  David Wojnarowicz 
2-TIMES' highlights: 
· Fiona Banner, 
‘Heart of Darkness’, 2016 
· Trevor Paglen, 
Subsatellite Ferret-D 
Over the Eastern Sierra, 2012 
On view at: 
Marian Goodman 
24 W 57th St, New York, 
NY 10019, United States. 
August 25, 201