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I Pledge Allegiance @ On Stellar Rays


© The Artists

Installation views &
selected works,
courtesy of
KM Temporaer &
On Stellar Rays

Portrait of
Elisa R. Linn &
Lennart Wolff,
Kristen Wawruck


March 15, 2016

2-TIMES · Art
‘I Pledge Allegiance’
@ On Stellar Rays

The exhibition
title & context:

Formed in-part
via excerpts
from the text of
a 1982 essay by
Rene Ricard for
Artforum, entitled
The Pledge of

Berlin-based duo, 
Elisa R. Linn & 
Lennart Wolff — 
KM Temporaer.

Artists featured: 
· Jason Benson 
· Kerstin Brätsch 
· Debo Eilers 
· Nic Xedro 
· Jamian Juliano-Villani 
· Dani Leder 
· Jonas Lipps 
· Caroline Mesquita 
· Keegan Monaghan 
· Nolan Simon 
· Dylan Spaysky 
· Tobias Spichtig 

A highlight excerpt
The conspiracy of 
excellence is a 
federation of eyes. 
There is an intimate 
surveillance, and 
one’s behavior, 
one’s merest 
gesture, too much 
muscle, the wrong 
shade of lipstick, 
a casual word, 
influences and 
can ruin the 
campaign of a 

On view at: 
On Stellar Rays 
1 Rivington Street, 
New York, NY 10002, 
United States 

April 3, 2016.