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Jeff Elrod, Alex Hubbard & Yang Shu


© The Artists

Courtesy of
Simon Lee Gallery,
Hong Kong


August 16, 2018

2-TIMES · Art
Jeff Elrod,
Alex Hubbard
& Yang Shu @ 
Simon Lee Gallery,
Hong Kong

Sharing a
commitment to
gesture, colour
and graphic mark-
making, albeit in
very different ways.

The Artists
Elrod's works’: 
are concerned with
the relationship
between hand-painted
& digitally-created
mark-making. Central
to his practice is the
development of
sophisticated software
and print technology,
which has enabled him
to combine typically
‘analogue’ and ‘digital’
techniques, resulting in
an innovative visual
language that is 
specifically his own. 

Hubbard's works’: 
by contrast, often
suggest a mechanical
means of production.
Fields of colour in
fibreglass and resin
are interrupted with
richly pooled, dripped
and poured paint. 

And, ‘Shu’: 
similarly to both Elrod
& Hubbard – his works
feature exuberant
and unrestrained painting, 
which is informed by both
traditional Chinese and
contemporary Western
art practices - evidenced
by calligraphic gestures
and arcane, Twombly-
esque compositions. 

· Alex Hubbard, ‘Untitled’, 2011 
· Yang Shu, ‘WT 2018 No.5’, 2018 

On view at: 
Simon Lee Gallery 
304, 3F The Pedder
Building, 12 Pedder St,
Central, Hong Kong 

September 4, 2018