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‘The problem with having a body /


© the artists

Courtesy of
The approach

Quoted excerpts,
Nora Heidorn


April 24, 2017

2-TIMES · Art
The problem with
having a body / is
that it always needs
to be somewhere

@ The approach 

... exploring
the human scale, 
performativity & 
spatiality through 
movement and 
physical labour.

Curated by: 
Nora Heidorn. 

The exhibition: 
Takes its title 
from an artwork 
by emerging artist 
Jeff Ko – a phrase 
which stuck with 
Heidorn, addressing 
such a basic truth 
about the human 
condition – that we 
each live in & through
a body and there's
presently no other 
mode of existing in 
the world. 

The works:
Employ latex, video, 
plaster, sculpted
canvas, photographic
processes, mirror,
textiles and wax. 

The body in space – 
visible, and taking 
up space – to me is 
the primary political 
instance. Even before 
language A body has 
needs: for resources, 
care & shelter. And 
rights. All of this
should exist 
even pre-
and is to
some extent 
of others through 
the presence itself
the body in space.

Artists presented: 
· Alexandra Bircken 
· Heidi Bucher 
· Kiki Kogelnik 
· Juliana Cerqueira Leite 
· Paul Maheke 
· B. Ingrid Olson 
· Zilia Sánchez 
· Ana Vieira 

· Juliana Cerqueira Leite, 
Summertime Blues #3, 2016’ 
· Kiki Kogelnik, 
Female Robot, 1964’ 

On view at: 
The approach 
1st Floor, 
47 Approach Road, 
Bethnal Green, 
London E2 9LY, 
United Kingdom. 

May 14, 2017.