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A.L. Steiner @ Koenig & Clinton


Courtesy of
The Artist
Koenig & Clinton

Installation views &
Individual works,
Jeffrey Sturges


October 13, 2016

2-TIMES · Art
A.L. Steiner,
30 Days of Mo:)rning
@ Koenig & Clinton

Capitalism must die. 
The patriarchy is a
pyramid scheme. 
Human supremacy is
a myth. Omnicide can’t
be the only option. 
Leave it in the ground. 
Degrowth now. Stop
the clocks. Question
the unquestioned. 
Earth. The future
doesn’t need us. 
Welcome to the

The exhibition: 
Is the Los Angeles-
based mixed-media 
artist's first solo
at Koenig & Clinton
featuring a series of
new color pigment 
prints and photocopies, 
presented alongside 
a fluro light-filled 
wooden installation. 

A.L Steiner on 
her inspiration: 
"We as humans are
destroying the planet's
life-support systems, 
overproducing and 
overconsuming while
ignoring the results
of our extraction,
greed and annihilation.
We need to take time
to understand what we
are doing and what
is happening.These
are the front lines.

2-TIMES' Highlights: 

· Untitled (worst-case
scenario ATM), 2016 
· Eat/Memorial for
Maria, 2000/2016 

On view at: 

Koenig & Clinton 
459 W 19th St, 
New York, NY 10011, 
United States. 

October 29, 2016.