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Adam McEwen @ Art : Concept


© Adam McEwen

Courtesy of
The Artist
Art : Concept

Installation &
Individual views,
Claire Dorn

Adam's portrait,
Aubrey Mayer


October 25, 2017 

2-TIMES  Art
Adam McEwen,
Ice Ice Baby
@ Art : Concept

Avoiding morbid
obsession, McEwen
complicates our
relation to death and
disaster by injecting
the funereal with
humor and the

‘Ice Ice Baby’: 
Stems from the
wreck and sinking
of the Titanic in
1912 — the show
appropriates a
group of historical
photographs of the
icebergs suspected
at the time to have
caused the tragedy. 

McEwen’s work 
operates at the 
intersections of 
pop culture and 
personal mythology - 
in the case of the 
Titanic, his great-
grand father was 
among the passengers 
who didn't survive 
the shipwreck.” 

The exhibition: 
Is London-born 
McEwen's 4th solo 
with Art : Concept in 
Parisfeaturing a 
group of works made 
using his emblematic 
methods & materials – 
primarily cellulose 
sponge and graphite – 
newly combining 
them to achieve 
disconcerting effects. 

2-TIMES' highlights:
· Ship (Red), 2017 
· Ingrid Bergman, 2017 

On view at: 
Galerie Art : Concept 
4 Passage Sainte-Avoye, 
entrée par le 8, 
rue Rambuteau, 
75003 Paris, France. 

November 18, 2017.