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Ajarb B. Ategwa @ Peres Projects


© 2018 Ajarb
Bernard Ategwa

Courtesy of
The Artist
Peres Projects

Individuals &
Installation views,
Matthias Kolb

Artist image,


March 28, 2018 

2-TIMES  Art
Ajarb Bernard
Ategwa, ‘The
New Dialogue

@ Peres Projects 

Moving between
the taxi stands,
newsagents, bars,
roadside markets,
hair salons, and
citizens in fleeting
moments of respite,
the artist offers
snapshots of everyday
life in his adopted 
Cameroonian hometown
of Doula...

The exhibition: 
Is Ategwa’s first solo
in continental Europe
and also with Peres
in Berlin,
presenting a new
series of large format
figurative paintings that 
reference imagery lifted
directly from present day
Cameroon, countering
generalizations about
realities of the bustling
African metropolis, with 
a nuanced perspective. 

Ategwa weaves
together these urban
scenes, sounds and
smells to create a rich
sensory immersion

As we pan through
the tableaux, each
painting adds a line
to a larger story
which is unfolding
in real-time.

2-TIMES' Highlights: 
· Natural History, 2018 
· Waaaa Mami Koki Dan
Came, 2018

On view at: 
Peres Projects 
Karl-Marx-Allee 82,
10243 Berlin,

April 13, 2018.