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Analia Saban @ Praz-Delavallade


Courtesy of
The Artist
Paris / Los Angeles

Installation &
Individual views,
Rebecca Fanuele

Analia's portrait
(feat. Bianca Roberts),
René-Julien Praz


May 12, 2017 

2-TIMES · Art
Analia Saban,
The Warp and
Woof of Painting

@ Praz-Delavallade 

As she unravels & 
unties, separates, 
deconstructs and 
dismantles, Saban 
is on an unending 
quest in search of 
her own private grail, 
analysing with each 
new creation just 
what painting, her 
painting to be precise, 
should be. 

Title meaning: 
Saban's ‘The Warp 
and Woof of Painting
is centered on the
artistic practice of
weaving, but it is also
a more metaphorical
expression that conveys
the idea of a complex
underlying structure. 

Key terms: 
Fly shuttle, shuttle box,
picker & weft. 

The exhibition:
Is Argentinian-born /
Los Angeles-based 
Saban's 5th solo with
Praz-Delavallade, for
which the artist presents
a new series of small
paintings that underline
the intimate proximity
between the act of
weaving, & intertwining
acrylic paint into the

· Composition for 
Woven Solid (Black), 2017 
· Weaving Density 
Study, Stage #4 (Gray), 2017 

On view at: 

5 Rue des Haudriettes,
75003 Paris, France. 

June 17, 2017.