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Viviane Sassen @ The Hepworth


© Viviane Sassen
The Hepworth Wakefield


August 27, 2018

2-TIMES · Art
Viviane Sassen,
Hot Mirror’ @ The
Hepworth Wakefield 

Looking at my own 
images with new eyes 
is something I find 
truly exciting...” 

Viviane Sassen:
(b.1972, Amsterdam)
lived in Kenya as a
child, and now resides
in her hometown. 

For Hot Mirror: 
Sassen selects individual
images from her notable
art–photography series
over the last 10
years, as well as new
photographs & collages. 
The exhibition
additionally presents
a new version of the
the artist's immersive
film installation, 
Totem (2014)

Also on show: 
Lee Miller and 
Surrealism in Britain’ 
focusing on the creative
collaborations with the
artists Miller knew,
photographed, and
exhibited alongside,
during a time when
Britain was recognised
as a ‘Surrealist centre’

On view at: 
The Hepworth Wakefield 

Gallery Walk, Wakefield
WF1 5AW, UK. 

October 7, 2018.