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Antonia Showering @ White Cube


© Antonia Showering

Courtesy of The Artist
White Cube

Ollie Hammick


August 27, 2020 

2-TIMES  Art
Antonia Showering,
@ White Cube

Extracting a specific,
singular experience
is impossible, as the
more we learn and
live, the more the
memories we hold
onto morph and
grow with us.

1991 — London, 
United Kingdom. 

Susan May. 

For Showering, her
paintings occupy the
interstice between
recent encounter and
deep-rooted memory

Many of the works in
this exhibition were
made during a period
of complete isolation.
In the absence of
intimacy and touch,
the artist then found
her subjects intuitively,
switching between non-
platonic relationships
and familial ties. 

Lovers embrace
in private spaces.
Infants are cradled
at family gatherings.
Hands reach out to
others, conveying
a sense of yearning
for physical contact.

2-TIMES' highlights:
· Projections, 2020 
· Green Eggs, 2020 

On view at: 
White Cube
(Online Viewing Room)

September 3, 2020.