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Arcmanoro Niles @ Lehmann Maupin


© Arcmanoro Niles

Courtesy of:
The Artist
Lehmann Maupin

Individual views:
Elisabeth Bernstein

Installation views:
Daniel Kukla

Artist portrait:
Jason Rothenberg


August 23, 2021 

2-TIMES  Art
Arcmanoro Niles
Hey Tomorrow,
Do You Have Some
Room For Me:
Failure Is A Part
Of Being Alive

@ Lehmann Maupin 

Continuing the
artist’s critical
investigation into
the function and
form of historically
revered genres in
painting; offering
space to imagine
tomorrow, and
what might come

1989 — Washington,
D.C., United States. 

The exhibition: 
For “Hey Tomorrow”,
Niles has created
a number of his
distinct portraits, but
the exhibition also
features still lives
and interiors that
become surrogates 
for the figure ― a 
cluttered bedside
table, a urine test
in a doctor’s office 
bathroom, or a kitchen 
table littered with
liquor bottles and
food containers. 

2-TIMES' highlights: 
· Kicked Out Of The House
For Living Fast (2021)

On view at: 
Lehmann Maupin 
501 W 24th St,
New York, NY 10011,
United States. 

August 27, 2021.