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Cameron Jamie @ Gladstone Gallery


© Cameron Jamie

Courtesy of
The Artist
Gladstone Gallery,
New York / Brussels


May 19, 2017 

2-TIMES · Art
Cameron Jamie,
Domestic Arenas
@ Gladstone Gallery

‘Domestic Arenas’: 
Presents an exhibition
of three films by 
Los Angeles-based 
Cameron Jamie — 
spanning a decade
of work by the award-
winning artist. 

... Finding subject
matter in diverse fields
of play — from the
suburban backyards
of Los Angeles, to the
living rooms of the
American South and
Alpine villages of Central
Europe — these three
works investigate the
ritualized performativity
of violence, arcane
tradition, and sexuality.

Captures the semi-
choreographed brawls
of Southern Californian
teens who mimic the
movements seen on
popular TV wrestling

Kranky Klaus, 
Documents the pagan
Christmas celebration
of the Krampus — a
menacing monster
character — in the
Alpine villages of
Austria’s Bad Gastein
Valley where St. Nicolas
leads participants
costumed in horns &
fur in a sanctioned
ritual of harassment. 

Massage the History, 
Records amateur
dancers, whom Jamie
found accidentally online,
who freely engage the
quotidian domestic scene
with their own sexually
suggestive movements. 

On view at: 
Gladstone Gallery 
530 W 21st St, 
New York, 
NY 10011, 
United States. 

June 17, 2017.