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Camilla Engstrom @ cooler gallery


© Camilla Engström

Courtesy of
Deli Gallery
cooler gallery

courtesy of the artist


April 11, 2017 

2-TIMES · Art
Camilla Engström,
@ cooler gallery

Inside your soul
you'll find gold...

The exhibition:
Follows on from 
the Swedish–born /
New York–based 
artist's 1st solo with 
Deli Gallery in 2016, 
and features new 
figurative paintings by 
Engström, presented 
alongside a series 
of clay sculptures  
installed throughout 
the gallery, which 
are intended to depict 
singular elements 
of her paintings. 

Title reference:
FLORA’ describes 
surreal landscapes 
textured with playful 
foliage & atmospheric 


Swedish for 
Engström's practice
commonly centers
itself around a
cartoon figure
named Husa, who is
a gender-morphing,
plump character
created to function
not only as an
extension of the
artist, but also
an alter ego & a
representation of
one’s psychological

Some of Camilla's 
previous design 
· Linder Men's SS16 
· Lisa Says Gah 

2-TIMES' highlights: 
· Om 
· Imaginary Landscape 

On view at: 
cooler gallery 
22 Waverly Avenue, 
Brooklyn, NY 11205, 
United States. 

April 22, 2017.