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Camille Henrot @ Palais de Tokyo


© 2017
Camille Henrot
& The Artists:
· Avery Singer
· David Horvitz
· Maria Loboda
· Nancy Lupo
· Samara Scott

All images
courtesy of
Palais de Tokyo


December 11, 2017 

2-TIMES  Art
Camille Henrot,
Days are Dogs
@ Palais de Tokyo

Years are
measured by
the journey of
the Earth around
the Sun; months
derive from the
position of the
Moon; days
correspond to 
a rotation of
the Earth.

Daria de Beauvais. 

Days are Dogs”: 

Is French-born,
New York-based
Camille Henrot's 
third ‘carte blanche’ 
solo exhibition with
Palais de Tokyo
for which the
artist questions
the relationships
of authority and
fiction that
determine our
The exhibition as
a whole operates
through the
composition and
recomposition of
archipelagoes of
artworks – works
by Camille Henrot
herself, some of
them presented
for the first time,
as well as those
by international
artists with whom
she entertains a

Each room 
evokes a day of 
the week – an 
open world where 
emotions, and 
individual freedom 
are playfully 
confronted with 
one another. 

On view at: 
Palais de Tokyo 
13 Avenue du 
Président Wilson, 
75116 Paris, 

January 7, 2018.