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Charline von Heyl @ Petzel


© 2018 Charline von Heyl 

Courtesy of
The Artist
Petzel, New York

Ralph Mecke


September 23, 2018 

2-TIMES  Art
Charline von Heyl, 
New Work’ @
Petzel, New York

Enigmatic presences
silently seducing and
disturbing the viewer

1960 – Mainz, Germany. 

Lives & works:
New York and
Marfa, Texas. 

The exhibition:
is Von Heyl's ninth
solo show at Petzel in
the United States,
and presents several
new paintings which
are composed inventions
that function as self-
perpetuating visual

Charline's new
paintings shake loose
work against language
and capture time
through dense
compositions replete
with moody rhythms
of color and shape. 

Upending conventional
assumptions about
composition, beauty,
narrative, design &
artistic subjectivity

2-TIMES highlights: 
· The Flood Subject -
Emily Dickinson
· Do You Peeve Cato?, 2016 

On view at: 
Petzel, New York 
456 W 18th St,
New York, NY 10011,
United States. 

October 20, 2018.