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Chloe Wise @ Almine Rech


© 2021 Chloe Wise

Courtesy of The Artist
Almine Rech

Thomas Mueller

Text excerpts:
Kristen Cochrane


April 12, 2021 

2-TIMES  Art
Chloe Wise,
Thank You For
The Nice Fire
@ Almine Rech

The smile of
immunity, the
smile of advertising:
‘This country is
good. I am good.
We are the best’.
It is also Reagan’s
smile - the culmination
of the self-satisfaction
of the entire American
nation [...]

1990, Montreal (QC), 

The exhibition:

In this series, Wise 
proposes scenarios
of simulated familiarity,
where smiles, hand
gestures, and utterances
are at odds with
underlying realities,
such as widespread
uncertainty, willful
ignorance, growing
inequality, and
aspirational notions of
“unity” that reinforce
a status quo. 

In a post-truth era,
where everything
(and simultaneously
nothing) is true,
where staying
home is safe because
others are “dangerous,”
we risk losing our
common connection
to a verified reality.

· Interstitial little offences, 2021 
· Either it's raining or it isn't, 2021 

On view at:
Almine Rech Gallery 
2F, 39 East 78th St,
New York, NY 10075,
United States. 

April 17, 2021.