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Christian Jankowski @ CFA Berlin


© Christian Jankowski
Images from,
Heavy Weight History (2013)
Warsaw / Poland

Portrait of Nina Hoss,
© Franziska Sinn


January 15, 2016

2-TIMES · Art
Christian Jankowski

Title reference: 
the idea for 
arose as a
role reversal
for Jankowski, 
who is presently 
acting as curator
for the “Manifesta”
Biennial, which
will open in June
2016 in Zürich.

Nina Hoss

Unfamiliar with
theatre, Hoss
also ironically
had never heard
of Christian
Jankowski, yet
agreed to
assume the
role, further 
the artist's
desire to
have his
curated by
an actress.

“I had to occupy
myself with Gorki
at the weekend,
next to your work
[Note: Christian
Jankowski’s work],
'Children of the Sun',
in which my
character says to
her painter / lover:
Don’t speak, work!
Accomplish something,
so that everyone
notices. Show us,
that everything,
the possibilities, the
illimitability, the
light, the warmth,
the sun. Not always
this negativity, for
once no bounds, no
limits. From today
we must consider
the commonalities
and not always just
the differences.”
(Nina Hoss,
December 2015).

The exhibition: 
showcases a
selection of
cinematic works
by the artist, and
was consciously
timed to coincide
with the Berlin
Film Festival, the
Berlinale 2016. 

On view at: 
Fine Arts 

Am Kupfergraben 10,
10117 Berlin,

March 5, 2016.