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Ryoji Ikeda, ‘π, e, ø’ @ Almine Rech


© Ryoji Ikeda

Courtesy of
The Artist
Almine Rech Gallery


May 1, 2017 

2-TIMES · Art
Ryoji Ikeda,
π, e, ø’ @
Almine Rech

A restrained
elegance and
minimalism reigns
throughout, but
the monochromatic
surfaces belie the
furious richness &
staggering detail

Organised with: 
Olivier Renaud–Clement. 

The exhibition:
Is the Japanese–born
composer and visual
artist's 1st solo with
Almine Rech Gallery in
London, for which Ikeda
has paired works from
his ‘Time And Space
series with works from
his ‘Test Pattern’ series,
which refers to the
mathematical constants
π, e, ø – and uses colors
that are developed during
the colour separation
process of 16mm film. 

Title reference:
π, e, ø stands for (3)
important / infinite
mathematical constants
· π = pi, the ratio of a 
circle’s circumference 
to its diameter. 
· e = the base of the 
natural logarithm. 
· ø = phi, golden ratio: 
a+b/a = a/b. 

2-TIMES' highlights:
· The Transcendental 
(π) [nº1-2d], 2017
0’10”, 2010 

On view at:
Almine Rech Gallery 
65 Grosvenor Street, 
Mayfair, London, 
W1K 3JH, 
United Kingdom. 

May 20, 2017.