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Daiga Grantina @ CAPRI


© Daiga Grantina

Courtesy of
The Artist

Installation &
Individual views,
Achim Kukulies

Daiga's portrait,
Toan Vu-Huu
Courtesy of
Galerie Joseph


June 9, 2017 

2-TIMES · Art
Daiga Grantina,
So Sun dog harena
@ CAPRI, Düsseldorf 


1985, Riga. 

Lives & works:


‘So Sun dog harena’: 
Sun Dog is landing,
walking in, breathing the wall 
Breeding the space from
artichokes and wool production 
Drawing that space 
A commodity like fashion? 
Reshaping with my body, 
Like fashion?
Drawing from fashion
to wave to Raymond
Duncans letter press 
Sun dogs arrive in doubles,
though the entrance of
braking rays where they
accumulate at the horizon 
The brake into 
Into invisible,
into matter for the eye 
Into sugar,
into an iris blooming,
into intuition 
Walking can be visual
but still practical,
creating a walk
from a bloom–feel,
walking like the
identity of epigenetics 
Silhouettes of straw,
drawing a common space
of independent shaping 
Like Elizabeth Grozs
writing ‘Freedom to...’ 
‘Freedom to handle
our matter with bodies
made of matter’ 
Inserting via triangle
like stacking hay
but golden for
nesting of the sun 
The Buff body horizontals
to be a tent for a
mute letter in a shop,
a fashion arena 

Daiga Grantina 

Deep-sea creatures,
extraterrestrial beings, 

The exhibition:
For ‘So Sun dog harena
at Capri, Grantina
developed an extensive
on-site sculpture,
which creates a
correspondence between
the interior walls
and the exterior
space via the display
window. Sculptures,
light and space blur
into an inseparable unity,
which, however, does
not let itself be fully
grasped. It gives rise
to a field of reflections
— its own universe,
in which the sculpture
itself, as a fragile entity,
refracts and reflects
the light. 

On view at: 
Ackerstraße 26,
40223 Düsseldorf,

July 9, 2017.