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Dana Lok @ CHEWDAY'S


Courtesy of
The Artist

Scott Roben


December 23, 2016

2-TIMES · Art
Dana Lok,
The Set Of All Sets

I like to entertain
the idea that you
might get a seat that’s
off to the side, and
glimpse the actors
before they are
ready to perform...

The exhibition:
Is Brooklyn-based 
Dana Lok's first solo 
with CHEWDAY'S in 
London, whereby the 
artist draws upon 
her aforementioned
theatrical analogy to
develop multi–layered
oil paintings, which 
present language,
representation and
knowledge as miraculous,
performative activities
that require the
framework of a stage
– not unlike tricks
in a magic show. 

Title reference: 
The Set Of All Sets 
alludes to a paradox
of logic which states
that a complete logical
system, which includes
a description of its
own framework will
ultimately contradict

The works perform
looking through
on multiple, often 
intentionally contradictory
levels. On the one hand,
you look through the 
paintings into their 
illusionistic depths, 
while on the other, 
you seem to be looking
through the device
of illusionism itself. 

2-TIMES' highlights: 
· Opening Statement, 2016 
· Enchanted Cel, 2015 

On view at: 


139 Lambeth Walk,
London, SE11 6EE,
United Kingdom. 

January 5, 2017.