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Debra Scacco, 'The Letting Go'


© The Artist

Klowden Mann,
Los Angeles


December 4, 2015

2-TIMES · Art
Debra Scacco, 
'The Letting Go' 

Inspired by: 
Collective isolation; 
and driven by the
persistent need
to (re)discover
permanence in
a contemporary
life that is by
nature always
in transition.

The works:
Discuss the
impossibility of
truly releasing
our personal
geographies —
the trinity of time,
memory and place
that form our
individual identities
— while giving voice
to the compellingly
unattainable fantasy
of fixing our
complete personal
history into one
singular place. 

"Perhaps there
is no past or
future. Only the
perpetual present
that contains this
trinity of memory."
Patti Smith.
The exhibition: 
Is anchored 
both visually 
and conceptually 
by 'The Letting Go', 
a central installation
composed of nearly 
20,000 feet of
hand-dyed nautical
rope tethered into
an expansive spacial
exploration across
two of the primary
gallery walls.

Also featured:
Large-scale works
on paper, board,
and mirrored film.

On view at: 
Klowden Mann

6023 Washington Blvd,
Culver City, CA 90232,
United States 

January 9, 2016.