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Debra Scacco @ Klowden Mann


© 2018
Debra Scacco

Courtesy of
The Artist
Klowden Mann


February 7, 2018 

2-TIMES  Art
Debra Scacco,
The Narrows
@ Klowden Mann

Examining the
liminal space of
the immigrant
journey, in which
the future of
the individual
confronts the
reality of politics
and power...

A project derived
directly from
stories of
Ellis Island: 

‘The Narrows’ refers
to the thin stretch
of water linking
Brooklyn and Staten
Island; now
connected by the
Verrazano Bridge,
this small waterway
is one of the most
significant gateways
in American history. 

Scacco draws a
direct line between
past and present.
There is endless
wisdom in our
history, but we
first must recognize
the erasures and
falsehoods within
the dominant

The exhibition: 

Is the Los Angeles-
based artist's second
solo with Klowden
, comprising a
series of sculptural
drawings formed from
engraved glass, mirror
and teak; a spatial
installation of thread
and wood; and a
projected film work. 

2-TIMES highlights:
Roma 1920, 2017 
· Architecture of Separation, 2018 

On view at: 
Klowden Mann 
6023 Washington Blvd, 
Culver City, CA 90232, 
United States. 

February 17, 2018.