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Do Ho Suh @ Victoria Miro


© 2018 Do Ho Suh

All Images:
Courtesy of
The Artist,
STPI (Singapore),
Victoria Miro
London / Venice

Suh’s portrait,
Daniel Dorsa


June 15, 2018 

2-TIMES  Art
Do Ho Suh
@ Victoria Miro

Lending a quiet
poetry to the

STPI Workshop: 
An internationally
renowned resource
for artists working
with print & paper. 

The exhibition: 
Is (in part) a
celebration of the
renowned Korean
artist's longstanding
relationship with STPI
—focusing on objects,
fixtures and fittings
attached to the walls
of the gallery. 


The works presented 
form as a part of Suh's 
ongoing series, in which
rubbings of interior
spaces and everyday
objects are created in
a process that discloses
& memorialises details of
the artist’s surroundings. these works
the paper functions
as an epidermis—a
second or surrogate
skin—that bears the
impression of his own
touch: pastel, applied
with the fingertips
in a gesture the artist
describes as a ‘caress’.

On view at: 
Victoria Miro, Venice 

Il Capricorno, 
San Marco 1994,
30124 Venice, Italy. 

July 7, 2018.