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Donna Huanca @ Peres Projects


Courtesy of
Peres Projects

Performance views,
Adrian Parvulescu

Installation views &
Individual works,
Matthias Kolb

Donna's portrait,
Paul Physioc

Interview excerpt,
Charlotte Jansen
(for Artsy)


October 10, 2016

2-TIMES · Art
Donna Huanca,
Surrogate Painteen
@ Peres Projects

1980, Chicago. 

The idea: 
Revealing the
underlying primordial
and mammalian
character of the
garment and its
relationship to our
body as a form of
cultural transmission. 

Music reference:
The Day The World
Turned Day-Glo

by X-Ray Spex. 

Huanca deconstructs
and fragments the
body, to dismantle
and recycle it into
a genderfluid, post-
human device that
is no longer limited
by interpretations
of identity.

‘Surrogate Painteen’: 
Is the New York-based 
artist's first solo
exhibition with Peres
– an ongoing 
exploration of the
body and skin as both
pure surface and
material, featuring 
performers painted
from head-to-toe,
and choreographed
to move glacially,
in a meditative state,
through her installation
environments that 
consist of paintings,
sculptures & ephemera.

On view at: 
Peres Projects 

Karl-Marx-Allee 82,
10243 Berlin, Germany. 

October 28, 2016.