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Eddie Peake @ White Cube


© 2018
Eddie Peake

Courtesy of
The Artist
White Cube

Installation &
Individual views,
Ollie Hammick

Eddie's portrait,
Ben Westoby


March 15, 2018 

2-TIMES  Art
Eddie Peake,
Concrete Pitch
@ White Cube

Weaving auto–
biographical elements
and an examination
of self-identity with
more general themes
of desire, the body,
architecture and
urban landscape...

Inspired by: 
the concrete recreation
ground in Finsbury Park,
North London, where 
the artist spent a lot of
his youth hanging out, 
playing football and
smoking weed. 

It is like the lowest-
budget recreation 
ground you could 
possibly provide for 
the community… but 
I loved it and I still 
love it. 

The exhibition: 
Is Peake's fourth 
solo with White Cube 
featuring new sculpture,
painting, sound work &
performance – presented
in an immersive and
constructed environment

Much of my work 
relates to that idea 
of looking, implicating 
the viewer as a form 
of voyeur, and I will 
play games with that.” 

On view at: 
White Cube 
[South Galleries,

Bermondsey St,
London SE1 3TQ,
United Kingdom. 

April 8, 2018