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Ellen Berkenblit @ Anton Kern


Courtesy of
The Artist
Anton Kern
Gallery, New York

Installation &
Individual views,
Object Studies

Ellen Berkenblit's portrait,
Kikuko Usuyama


June 20, 2017 

2-TIMES · Art
Ellen Berkenblit @
Anton Kern Gallery,
New York 

A birdcage 
an umbrella, 
lines hint at 
letters, a clock 
is buried under 
black paint. 
Elements plotted 
early on are 
scraped away in 
order to achieve 
the gut satisfaction 
when the puzzle 
fits together.


Lives & works: 
Brooklyn, New York. 

Berkenblit's process:
Consist of mapping lines 
through spontaneous 
calligraphic gestures 
of her brush. Ecstatic 
colors gain form 
through the use of 
black, which alternately 
masks, defines, and 
amplifies shapes. 
There is a constant 
back and forth 
between calico and 
paint throughout 
the process; shifting  
surface textures and 
stitching interrupts 
brushstrokes, adding  
an element of 

The exhibition: 
Is Berkenblit's 6th 
solo with Anton Kern, 
for which the artist 
presents a new body 
of work that connects 
her love of textiles to 
her painting practice. 

· V, (2017) 
· I Don't Object If 
You Call Collect, (2017) 

On view at: 
Anton Kern Gallery 
16 E 55th St, 
New York, 
NY 10022, 
United States. 

July 7, 2017.

 A birdcage becomes an
umbrella, perpendicular lines hint at letters, a clock is buried under black
paint. Elements plotted early on are unsentimentally scraped away in order to
achieve the gut satisfaction when the puzzle fits together.