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Ellen Gallagher @ Hauser & Wirth


© 2018
Ellen Gallagher

Courtesy of
The Artist
Hauser & Wirth

Individual &
Installation views,
Ernst Moritz
Fredrik Nilsen

Text excerpts,
Philip Hoare


January 3, 2018 

2-TIMES  Art 
Ellen Gallagher,
Accidental Records
@ Hauser & Wirth

Animate and
inanimate, the
sea itself is an
accidental record
Of what is seen
and not seen;
what is cut out
and what is left
behind. It obscures
as it reveals,
intangible & yet
utterly sensual...

The exhibition: 
For her first solo
with Hauser & Wirth
in Los Angeles, US-
born Ellen Gallagher
presents a suite of
new works, including
paintings & drawings
that extend her
exploration of the
complex histories of
the Black Atlantic
and the afterlives of
the Middle Passage.

Gallagher questions
accepted geographies;
the layered surfaces
of her works become
a kind of reckoning,
evoking, in the artist’s
words, ‘the way sailors 
mark their location at
sea, determined 

· Aquajujidsu, 2017 
· Odalisque, 2014 

On view at: 
Hauser & Wirth 

901 E 3rd St,
Los Angeles,
CA 90013,
United States. 

January 28, 2018.