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Emma Kunz @ Serpentine Gallery


All images courtesy of:
Emma Kunz Zentrum
Serpentine Galleries

Exhibition Artistic Director:
Hans Ulrich Obrist


April 30, 2019 

2-TIMES  Art
Emma Kunz,
Visionary Drawings
@ Serpentine Gallery

Everything happens
according to a certain
regularity which I sense
inside me and which
never lets me rest.

1892 – 1963, Switzerland. 

‘Visionary Drawings’:
Conceived by Cypriot 
artist Christodoulos
in close 
collaboration with the
Serpentine Galleries
curators, the exhibition
marks the first solo
presentation of Kunz's
work in the UK. 

Acknowledging her
drawings’ potential
to offer different
readings over time,
or to hold layers of
meaning, Kunz would
use existing drawings
as guides to diagnose
patients seeking her
help for ailments of
the body and mind. 

Kunz's drawings 
chime with current 
discourses on ecology, 
as well as the necessity 
to forge meaningful 
connections with the 

2-TIMES highlights: 
· Work No. 020 
· Work No. 127 

On view at:
Serpentine Gallery 

Kensington Gardens,
London W2 3XA,
United Kingdom. 

May 19, 2019.