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Frida Orupabo @ GBE


© 2018
Frida Orupabo

Courtesy of
Gavin Brown's
New York / Rome

Artist's portrait,
Kyrre Kristoffersen

Text excerpts,
Arthur Jafa


April 18, 2018 

2-TIMES  Art
Frida Orupabo,
Cables to Rage
@ Gavin Brown's

This is nothing
short of a mobile
repository, a litany 
of residua, a
voluptuous trail of
black continuity,
pyramid schemata
as densely inscribed
as any book of 
the dead, not so
much an archive
as an ark, a borne
witness to the
singularity that
is blackness.

Key reference: 

The exhibition: 
Is Oslo-based Frida 
 first solo 
with Gavin Brown's 
enterprise, featuring 
a collection of serially
presented images —
some ‘found’, some
constructed, extracted,
or emptied out. 

We name a thing 
‘dance’ when 
the normal, 
the pedestrian, 
becomes expressive 
or supernormal 
@nemiepeba is 
a dancer. Check 
the thread to see 
how she’s moving 
us, forward.” 

On view at:
Gavin Brown's 

1/F, 439 W 127th St,
New York, NY 10027,
United States. 

April 22, 2018