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Geert Goiris @ Art : Concept


Individual views,
Courtesy of
The Artist
Art : Concept

Installation views,
Claire Dorn

Text excerpts,
Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa
Julia Mossé


November 21, 2016

2-TIMES · Art
Geert Goiris,
Plot Twist
@ Art : Concept

Rendering esoteric
objects in ethereal
light in order to
make matter and
sense strangers
to one another.

The exhibition:
Is the Belgian 
photographers 3rd 
solo exhibition with 
Art : Concept in Paris, 
presenting an entirely 
new direction for the 
artist – proposing a 
confrontation between 
photographs & videos. 

Beyond photography 
but not quite films

‘Plot Twist’: 
Refers to a rebound,
a new development
occurring unexpectedly
within a plot. In the
mysterious narrative
created by Goiris, it
corresponds to the
emergence of moving
images that have
started to shake
a work previously
dominated by
still images. 


As often, Goiris's
subject is a micro
phenomenon, part
of the natural order
taking place in our
absence; a makeshift
locomotive going from
point A to point B,
a stretch of water
covered with ice
and a mountainous
landscape invaded
by a wave of smoke. 

2-TIMES' Highlights: 
· Mask, (2014)
· Nowe Czarowne, (2016) 

On view at: 
Art : Concept 

4 Passage Ste Avoye,
75003 Paris, France. 

December 10, 2016.