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Hannah Perry @ CFA Berlin


Hannah Perry
CFA Berlin

Installation &
Individual views,
Matthias Kolb


November 15, 2016

2-TIMES · Art
Hannah Perry, 
100 Problems’ 
@ Contemporary 
Fine Arts (CFA)

A stream of 
voices is capturing 
the struggle of 
the constant 
challenge to 
contain adolescent 
emotions as well 
as gender related 
themes such as 
the positioning of 
a woman in 
today’s world.

Fast-cut films: 
Featuring her niece, 
her guru, herself, 
text messages, 
techno clubs, 
cars & friends. 

Hannah's influences: 
The internet with 
its mergence of the 
public and the private, 
short cut and slang 
language, as well 
as imagery that 
are omnipresent 
in social media. 

‘100 Problems’: 
Is Perry's first solo 
exhibition with CFA
for which the artist 
has produced new, 
site-specific works 
as well as a video 
performance entitled 
Erotic Discourse’ – 
working collaboratively 
with choreographer 
Holly Blakey, DJ Mica 
Levi, and dancers 
Naomi Weijand & 
Grace Jabbari. 

2-TIMES' Highlights: 
· Action Film, Car 
Crash Sex Scene, 2016
· Thrash, 2016 

On view at: 
Contemporary Fine Arts 
Am Kupfergraben 10, 
10117 Berlin, Germany

December 17, 2016.