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Jiang Zhi @ Blindspot Gallery


© 2018 Jiang Zhi

All images:
Courtesy of
The Artist
Blindspot Gallery

Text excerpts,
Jiang Zhi:
Suspension and


May 1, 2018 

2-TIMES  Art
Jiang Zhi,
Going and Coming
@ Blindspot Gallery
Exploring the
suspending placement 
of time & experiences
yet to be processed
— Zhi's oeuvre does
not trace the past
or refer to the future,
but relays the stasis
of a present moment,
its pendulous dangling
and swaying, its cyclical
trailing and returning...

Leo Li Chen. 

The exhibition:
Is Chinese-born 
Jiang Zhi's first solo 
with Blindspot Gallery, 
comprising new and
recent work across
three media: painting,
photography and film. 

Series featured: 

Going and Coming 
· Fade 
· In the Wind 

Key themes:
Temporality and
impermanence of life,
articulating the paradox
of materiality and
perception, suffering
and experience.

Jiang Zhi’s work 
touches on living 
experiences and the
poetics of artistic 

expression, often 
prompting the 
awakening of one’s 

On view at:
Blindspot Gallery 
15/F, Po Chai 
Industrial Building, 
28 Wong Chuk Hang Rd, 
Wong Chuk Hang, 
Hong Kong. 

May 12, 2018.