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Jon Rafman @ Sprüth Magers


© 2020 Jon Rafman

Courtesy of
The Artist
Sprüth Magers

Commissioned Text:
The Slowdown
by Ned Beauman


July 2, 2020 

2-TIMES  Art
Jon Rafman,
Nine Eyes of
Google Street View

@ Sprüth Magers

Time ticks (...) 
You have no way
to know when your
corner of the universe
will update. You know
only that nothing can
happen between frames,
even if the state of
things is different from
one snapshot to the

1981 — Montreal, Canada. 

‘Nine Eyes of
Google Street View’: 
For this online exhibition,
Rafman presents a new
slideshow and sixteen
prints. The slideshow
was programmed to
create a random,
constantly changing
sequence of images
from Nine Eyes of
Google Street View.
The sixteen prints offer
snapshot epiphanies
from far-flung corners
of the globe, and each
one is titled after the
particular location of
its capture. 

The images, all
captured anonymously
by the spider-eyed
ball atop a Google
van, range from the
haunting to the lyrical.
Despite the specifics of
time and location, each
picture resonates with
symbolic force.

On view at: 

July 25, 2020.