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Jorinde Voigt @ Lisson Gallery


© Jorine Voigt

Courtesy of
The Artist
Lisson Gallery

Individuals works &
Installation views,
Jack Hems

Jorinde's portait,
Joerg Reichadt

Beatrice's portrait,
Anne Tetzlaff


June 2, 2017 

Jorinde Voigt,
Both Sides Now
@ Lisson Gallery

Part-internal organ,
part-abstract concept,
the works depict the
sensation of being alive
and the self-awareness
of one’s own heart
beating, rather than
the muscle or valves

The exhibition:
For her 3rd solo
with Lisson in London,
Jorinde Voigt fuses
music and visual art,
revealing her cross-
disciplinary and 
approach to large-
format drawing — 
culminating in a live,
immersive performance
with London-based 
DJ / producer
Beatrice Dillon. 

‘Both Sides Now
Was inspired by a 
track of the same
name by Canadian
Joni Mitchell
From her organisational 
systems of scores, 
notations, chapters & 
verses to the time 
signatures, impulse 
points and rhythmic 
inscriptions embedded 
in her drawings,
Voigt – who herself
trained as a cellist –
creates a synaesthetic
world through these 
interrelated compositions.

Closing night 
live performance: 
by Beatrice Dillon. 

On view at: 
Lisson Gallery 
527 Bell St, Marylebone,
London NW1 5BY, 
United Kingdom. 

June 24, 2017.