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Josh Smith @ David Zwirner


© 2023 Josh Smith

Courtesy of:
The Artist
David Zwirner

Josh's portrait:
Jason Schmidt


September 4, 2023

2-TIMES  Art
Josh Smith,
Living with Depression’ 
@ David Zwirner

While still being
seductive, these
paintings switch
pop prettiness for
a more 
delivery [...]

1976 — 
Okinawa, Japan. 

The exhibition: 
Living with Depression
reflects Smith’s desire
to push himself and
his work into new
territories. While the
majority of the artist’s
past exhibitions have
focused on specific
visuals—such as grim
reapers, palm trees,
turtles, or his own
name—the presentation
in Paris is more pictorially
dynamic and less
serialized, including
both abstract and
paintings as well as
hybrid works that mix
these visual modes. 

Figures, shapes,
and forms may
appear like innocuous
carriers of color and
line, yet their coloring
can at times bring to
mind bodily viscera.

2-TIMES highlights:
· Answer For Everything (2023)
· Red Bug (2023) 

On view at:
David Zwirner

108, rue Vieille
du Temple,
Paris, 75003,

October 7, 2023.