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Keith Edmier @ Petzel Gallery


© Keith Edmier

Courtesy of
The artist
Petzel Gallery


October 13, 2017 

2-TIMES · Art
Keith Edmier,
Mother Mold
@ Petzel Gallery 

Throughout his
career, Edmier
has continued to
mold his personal
narrative into
universal subjects
that further
transform his 
objects, solidifying
themes of
eroticism and

Title reference: 
One can read both
muse and matriarch
into the phrase
Mother Mold’ as
well as conception,
pregnancy & birth. 

The exhibition: 
Is Edmier's sixth
solo with Petzel in 
New York, presenting 
a selected overview 
of the American 
sculptors work from 
the past 26 years; 
accompanied by a 
publication that 
details his most 
recent installation, 
‘Imagines’ – a set 
of fifty life–cast 
portraits hung 
throughout the 
gallery space. 

... rather than
masks of the dead
worn by the living,
Edmier’s plaster cast
portraits stem from
the artist’s years in
the Hollywood special
effects industry —
the connection to
Hollywood turns
the permanence
and memorial of
the mask into a
starting point for
transformation to

· Imagines (Robert Englund, Actor), 2017 
· Imagines (David Bowie, Musician / Actor), 2017 

On view at: 
Petzel Gallery 
35 E 67th St, 
New York, 
NY 10065, 
United States. 

November 4, 2017.