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Larry Bell @ Hauser & Wirth


© 2018 Larry Bell

Courtesy of
The Artist
Hauser & Wirth

Individual views,
Genevieve Hanson
Fredrik Nilsen
Matthew Kroening
Joshua Targownik

Installation views,
Mario de Lopez


September 6, 2018

2-TIMES · Art
Larry Bell
Hauser & Wirth, 
Los Angeles

One of the most
renowned & influential
artists to emerge from
the Los Angeles art
scene of the 1960's

Chicago IL, 1939. 

Lives & works: 
Taos, New Mexico
Venice, California. 

‘Complete Cubes’: 
is the first exhibition
to organize Bell’s iconic
glass cubes by scale, 
showcasing an example
of every size the artist
has produced from the
early 1960s to the
Featuring rarely seen
works that are among
the most important of
Bell’s early career, the
exhibition at Hauser
& Wirth, Los Angeles, 
comprises over 20
sculptures ranging in
size from 2 inches to
40 inches, as well as
new large-scale works
created specifically
for this presentation. 
Exploring the optic
possibilities of glass
and its capacity to
absorb, reflect, and
transmit light.

2-TIMES' Highlights: 
· Cube 29’ (2008) 
· Cube 59’ (2007) 

On view at: 
Hauser & Wirth 
901 E 3rd St, 
Los Angeles, CA 
90013, United States. 

September 23, 2018.