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Lesley Vance @ David Kordansky


Courtesy of 
The Artist
David Kordanksy
Gallery, Los Angeles

Installation &
Individual views,
Fredrik Nilsen

Lesley's portrait,
Yoshihiro Makino


June 8, 2017 

2-TIMES · Art
Lesley Vance, 
12 Paintings’ 
@ David Kordansky

Something that
occurs quickly,
without premeditation,
is patiently given the
opportunity to solidify
as a complete idea,
a process that speaks
to the mind’s capacity
to subsequently make
sense of sudden

The exhibition:
Is Milwaukee born /
Los Angeles-based
Vance's first solo with
David Kordansky in
three years, for
which the artist
presents 12 new
paintings that share
the same dimensions
and vertical format,
allowing for a
particularly nuanced
experience of their
interior shapes and
bold, primary hues. 

All 12 works,
feature oil on linen. 

For Vance's 
12 Paintings: 
Such tension 
between the 
known and the 
unknown drives 
both the making 
of the work and 
the states of looking 
it engenders, providing 
an analogue for the 
paradoxical action 
of experience, which 
reveals a world that 
only gets stranger the 
longer one lives in it. 

· Untitled (2017) 
· Untitled (2017) 

On view at: 
David Kordansky Gallery 
5130 W Edgewood Pl, 
Los Angeles, CA 90019, 
United States. 

July 1, 2017.