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Lorna Simpson @ Hauser & Wirth


© 2018
Lorna Simpson

Courtesy of:
Hauser & Wirth

All images:
James Wang

Film excerpts via
In Conversation:
Lorna Simpson &
Thelma Golden


April 25, 2018 

2-TIMES  Art
Lorna Simpson,
@ Hauser & Wirth 

A window into the
artist's subconscious; 
an examination of
the way in which
images speak; the
way in which we
read them, the way
in which they have
a historic context — 
but then we we look 
at them in the present 
moment, they read
very differently...

The exhibition: 
Is Brooklyn-born 
Lorna Simpson's
first solo show with 
Hauser & Wirth in
London, featuring
new and recent work
across three different
media: painting, 
photographic collage,
and sculpture. 

Key themes: 
The development of
Simpson's narrative
stems mostly from
her collection of found
images, sourced via
photographs from
vintage 50's to 70's
Ebony & Jet magazines,
with a particular focus 
on female protagonists. 

[the magazines]
informed my sense
of thinking about being
black in America, and
are both a reminder
of my childhood and
a lens through which
to see the past fifty
years of history.

2-TIMES' highlights:
· Ice 5, 2018 
· Montage, 2018 

On view at:
Hauser & Wirth
23 Savile Row, 
London W1S 2ET, 
United Kingdom. 

April 28, 2018.