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Mai-Thu Perret @ David Kordansky


Courtesy of
The Artist
David Kordansky,
Los Angeles

Installation &
Individual views,
Annik Wetter
Mareike Tocha
Brian Forrest
Kevin Todora

Mai–Thu's portrait,
Annik Wetter


June 14, 2017 

2-TIMES · Art
Mai–Thu Perret,
Féminaire’ @
David Kordansky,
Los Angeles 

ositioned at either
end of the gallery, 
hese distinct groups
of objects 
create a
showdown of
competing geometries
whose gravity &
imposing presence
are reminiscent of
political monuments
and spiritual

Title meaning: 
Thu Perrett's ‘Féminaire’ 
is centered on exploring 
(and generating) feminist 
narratives and counter-
narratives that cast the 
role of the art object in 
new light, introducing 
utilitarian, symbolic, 
and even mystical 
possibilities in contexts 
that are often limited 
to formalist readings. 

Mai-Thu's creations:
Consist of sculptures,
ceramic works,
performances, and
texts – existing at
the intersection of 
contemporary culture,
art historical insight,
and visceral materiality. 

The exhibition:
Is Geneva-based 
Thu Perrett's 3rd
solo with David
Kordansky, for
which the artist
presents two
bodies of work:
Les guérillères,’
a monumental
installation of
figurative sculptures 
positioned on a
single plinth, and
a gridded wall
arrangement of
dozens of ceramic
wall pieces. 

· The mind's eye is as 
bright as the moon, (2017)
· The stone woman gives 
birth to a child at night, (2017) 

On view at: 
David Kordansky

5130 W Edgewood Pl,
Los Angeles, CA 90019,
United States. 

July 1, 2017.


twbodies of work: a monumental
installation of figurative sculptures positioned on a single plinth and a gridded wall arrangement of dozens of ceramic wall pieces.