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Mai-Thu Perret @ Simon Lee Gallery


© 2020 Mai-Thu Perret

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Courtesy of The Artist
Simon Lee Gallery

Kitmin Lee


February 10, 2020

2-TIMES  Art
Mai-Thu Perret,
News From Nowhere
@ Simon Lee Gallery

Blending utopian 
socialism with science 
fiction, the narrative 
follows William Guest, 
who after returning 
home from a meeting 
of the Socialist League, 
wakes the next morning 
to find himself catapulted 
into the twenty-first 
century and into a world 
beyond all recognition...

1976 – Geneva, 

News From Nowhere’:
Derives from British 
polymath and socialist 
activist, William Morris’ 
1890 novel of the same 

The exhibition:
Is the Swiss-born artist's 
second solo at the Hong 
Kong gallery; evolving 
across installation, 
performance, sculpture, 
ceramics and textiles, 
Perret's continually 
expanding fiction also 
encompasses a range 
of twentieth-century 
avant-garde & radical 
art movements. 

Perret’s blend of the 
traditional and artisanal 
with a postmodern 
aesthetic interrogates 
the social and political, 
engendering a full vision 
that rejects hegemonic 
narratives in favour of a 
critical questioning of 
communal identity.

On view at:
Simon Lee Gallery 
304 3/F, The Pedder 
Building, 12 Pedder
Street, Central,
Hong Kong. 

March 28, 2020.