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Maja Ruznic @ CES Gallery


Courtesy of
The Artist
CES Gallery

Maja's portrait,
Doty Glasco


September 5, 2016

2-TIMES · Art
Maja Ruznic,
The Wailing Sisters
@ CES Gallery 

Depicting a group
of spiritual beings
that emerge from
the dirt to observe
human drama,
and absorbing
ethereal material
before returning
ceremoniously to
the earth...

The exhibition: 
Is the first solo
presentation for 
CES Gallery's
residency program – 
an initiative conceived
to support under–
represented / 
emerging Los
artists, in addition
to providing more
recognition for
the wider LA
art community. 

Maja on ‘The
Wailing Sisters
“I don't think of
my art in terms of
‘bodies of work.’ 
Everything is
connected and
part of the same
body — there is
no beginning or end.
This group of paintings
is composed of our
ancestors searching
for a home. My job
as the painter is
to give them a home;
a way of existing on
the canvas. ‘The
Wailing Sisters
’ are
a little tuckered out
but they're managing.”

2-TIMES' highlights: 
· The Wailing Sisters (2016) 
· Getting All The Knots Out (2016) 

On view at: 
CES Gallery 

711 Mateo Street,
Los Angeles, CA 90021, 
United States. 

September 10, 2016.