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Mao Yan @ PACE


© 2018 Mao Yan

All images:
Courtesy of
The Artist
PACE Gallery


June 19, 2018 

2-TIMES  Art
Mao Yan,
By The Edge
@ PACE Gallery

Holding an essence
of revere for the
historical & heritage
value within the
art of portraiture...

The exhibition: 
Is Chinese-born  
Mao Yan's third 
solo with PACE—
marking his first
in its Hong Kong
outpost; featuring 
10 new works by the
renowned portrait 
artist, including a
continuation of
his “Thomas” series,
as well as still-life & 
landscape paintings. 

By The Edge’
Frames its focus on 
Yan's portraits of
an international
student from Europe, 
his model/muse. 

Depicted, deepened & 
dismantled repeatedly
throughout the past
two decades, until the
subject is transformed
into an ambiguous,
vague and nearly
imaginary face. 

To him (Yan),
painting is a private
process. Being
extremely patient
in composing a visual
representation of
concrete objects,
the artist initiates
an inner self-

On view at: 
PACE Gallery, 
(Hong Kong)

12/F, H Queen's, 
80 Queen's Road 
Central, Hong Kong. 

July 12, 2018.