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Marguerite Humeau @ C L E A R I N G


© Marguerite Humeau

Courtesy of
The Artist
C L E A R I N G,
New York / Brussels


July 5, 2017 

2-TIMES  Art
Marguerite Humeau,
Riddles’ @
C L E A R I N G,
New York

Once you pass
the eyes of the
sphinx, you are
in the belly of 
the beast.

The exhibition: 
For her first solo 
with C L E A R I N G, 
artist Marguerite
with an excavation
of the past. Wielding
research as a spade,
she digs into the
science and myth
surrounding the
origin of war. 

Title meaning:
In ‘Riddles’, Humeau
weaves together the
speculative tales of
fact and fiction to
form a new narrative
for the sphinx.
The monumental
creature feeds on
the blood; it is the
only way it can
survive. It is both
a predator and

· Juliette Rambaud 
· Kudu Studio 
· Nelson Beer 
· Le Studio Humain 
· Camille Thiéry 

2-TIMES' Highlights:

· Harry I (Eyes), 2017 
· Harry II (Body), 2017 
· Twiggy (OH24), 2017 

On view at: 
C L E A R I N G 

396 Johnson Ave,
Brooklyn, NY 11206, 
United States.

July 23, 2017.