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Mariko Mori @ Sean Kelly


© 2018 Mariko Mori

Courtesy of
Sean Kelly, New York

Installation &
individual views,
Jason Wyche

Mariko's portrait,
David Sims

View short film here


April 23, 2018 

2-TIMES  Art
Mariko Mori,
Invisible Dimension
@ Sean Kelly

An expression
of Mori’s ongoing
research into
superstring theory
and particle physics,
coupled with her
speculation as to
how multiple hidden
universes might
be represented.

The exhibition: 
Is Tokyo-born Mariko
second solo with
Sean Kelly, featuring
a luminous new series 
of seven sculptures,
advancing the artist's 
exploration into the
mysteries of the
universe through her
deepening interest in
unobservable energy. 

Inspired by: 

The astrophysics 
theory of Endless 
Universe, written 
by Professor Paul 

2-TIMES highlights: 
Plasma Stone I, 2017-2018
· Ekpyrotic String VI, 2016-2017 

On view at: 
Sean Kelly 
475 10th Avenue, 
New York, NY 10018, 
United States. 

April 28, 2018.