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Martin Soto Climent @ T293


© 2018
Martin Soto

Courtesy of
The Artist

All photos:
Roberto Apa

excerpt via
artist talk with
Monica De Sario


June 1, 2018 

2-TIMES  Art
Martin Soto Climent,
Under the immortal
’ @ T293

Lost in a jungle of
textures and fabrics
designed for clothes,
such as leggings,
bikinis or bras that,
because of their
adherence, are full
of human substance
and represent a sort
of second skin...

The exhibition: 
Marks the Mexican-
born conceptual artist's
10th anniversary with
T293, featuring a body
of collage-like canvasses
& sculptures, carefully
binding found objects
and materials that are 
contorted & stretched,
fragile and frangible—
just like the human
being who wears them. 

This new series
is something that
condensates all my
practice while this
sort of 'studio' I left
at the gallery for the
whole duration of the
exhibit is something
that is always going
on when I work,
everywhere, and it's
the first time I exhibit
this intimate part of
my work that usually
the viewer doesn't
get the chance to see
The emotions that
some of these little
objects can detonate
are equal to those
aroused by the big 

2-TIMES' highlights: 
· Sunset, 2018 
· Mercurio fulminante, 2018 

On view at: 
Via Ripense, 6,
00153 Roma RM,

June 15, 2018.