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Mary Heilmann @ Hauser & Wirth


© 2018
Mary Heilmann

Courtesy of
The Artist,
Hauser & Wirth
303 Gallery, New York

Installation views,
Mario De Lopez


July 16, 2018

2-TIMES · Art
Mary Heilmann,
Memory Remix
@ Hauser & Wirth

...the stunningly original
and wholly unexpected
love child of informality
and eloquence.

Memory Remix: 
Is Heilmann’s first Los
Angeles solo exhibition
in over 20 years,
presenting a survey of
paintings, ceramics,
and furniture in which
the artist’s unwavering
dedication to abstraction
merges with sly references
to her favorite landscapes,
songs, movies, and
Mexican weavings. 

Every piece of
abstract art that I
make has a backstory
I started giving the 
pieces fanciful titles 
that related to some 
kind of narrative that 
was going on with me 

So the titles are often 
like a three-word poem 
that is part of the piece...” 

2-TIMES' Highlights: 
· Shadow Cup #2, 1985 
· Ming, 1986 

On view at: 
Hauser & Wirth

901 E 3rd St,
Los Angeles, CA
90013, United States. 

September 23, 2018.